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    How to Make Any Room Look Better

    How to Make Any Room Look Better

    Sometimes it can feel like there is something missing in your rooms design that you just can’t put your finger on. Many people have this problem arise when decorating but we have some tips on overcoming that obstacle. Professional interior designers always have small hacks that they use religiously. We have cracked the code on a few and want to share them with you. 

    1. Create a Focal Point

    Trying to cram in too many ideas at once can create a cluttered and overwhelming look. Instead, by choosing one focal point, you can draw guests’ eyes to what you would like highlighted and it will appear not only cohesive but thoughtful as well. You can achieve this look by incorporating things such as a textured accent wall, feature lighting, or a favorite art piece. 

    2.Color Schemes

    A color scheme for a room is going to be all about personal preference. However, it is important to understand what colors and tones work well together. Experts suggest that you take note of the color value. Color value refers to the lightness or darkness of a hue. Start by choosing one light and one dark color that suits each other to lay the groundwork. From there, add pops of accent colors to show some personality and character. 

    3.Create Some Coziness

    Even if you are a one-tone minimalist, there are ways to create some coziness in your room. Coziness will make guests feel more welcomed and comfortable when visiting so this can be considered a valuable tip if you are prone to hosting. This concept can come to fruition by adding a rug, throw pillows/blankets, a gallery wall, or by changing up your lighting scheme with lamps or candles to add more to a space beyond overhead lighting. 

    4.Attention to Details

    Lastly, what all Interior Designers have in common, is they pay attention to detail. Professionals make sure that everything has a place and looks purposeful and that is what separates their design from others. Layer textures, get matching appliances, decorate surfaces like a mantle or coffee table, bring in plants, or spruce up your trim. All of these are details that are often overlooked but, when they are executed correctly, make the biggest difference. 

    Decorating your home should be always be an enjoyable experience. We encourage all of our clients to have fun with designing and to use it as an opportunity to showcase their personalities. With these simple tips and tricks, you can make any room go from good to remarkable. Contact us today if you are interested in any other secrets we might be keeping.

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