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    Location, Location, Location!

    Location, Location, Location!

    We all dream of buying the perfect plot of land and building the custom home of our dreams

    right on top. Many believe that going this route is a guaranteed way of executing the build to

    their personal liking. Although that is true, there are a few things that clients need to be sure of

    before purchasing that lot they’ve been eyeing. The most important things to look out for all

    revolve around location! Today we will be going over exactly what you need to look for and why

    location is the key factor to consider.


    Vet the Property!

    If you have the perfect location in mind, it is critical for you to vet the property. Once you have

    found a plot of land for sale, the first thing you should do is get in contact with the local zoning

    authorities. Zoning is very important when considering a custom build and the authorities will

    help you understand how that specific piece of land is able to be used. The first thing to ask the

    zoning authorities, is if the land is single family residential. This is important because not every

    lot can accommodate a custom home.


    If you just heard the great news that the land is residential, zoning authorities will then inform

    you on if there is a HomeOwners Association (HOA) assigned to that area. If there is, they will

    have their own set of demands and regulations that will need to be assessed. Building code

    setbacks can also come with a list of mandates. Getting in touch with your local building

    department can resolve and explain any setbacks that may come forward such as lot coverage

    and property lines.


    The next thing to analyze is the site usage and readiness. By site usage we mean: how usable

    is the land? If there are trees and it is surrounded by nature, a surveyor will be required to

    inspect the land to determine the readiness for a build and what can/needs to be cleared. The

    soil will also need to be tested. Soil for a custom build needs to be able to retain moisture while

    also withstanding the weight of the structure. Bad soil can cause issues when the home is

    settling so this is a step that cannot be skipped.


    Beyond the more technical things, it is also important to select land that is most convenient for

    you. Every homeowner requires certain needs and expectations to be met such as: privacy,

    distance from work, the nearest grocery store and gas station, school zones, and more.

    Whatever it may be, location is at the forefront of importance and everything we discussed

    above needs to be up for consideration.


    Our number one piece of advice is to go through this checklist before purchasing land to build a

    home. At Bartley Builder Group, we want our clients to be able to execute the home of their

    dreams as seamlessly as possible. We work with you to help guide you through all the steps

    necessary to get your custom home approved and built! Reach out to us today if you, or

    someone you know, are looking to build a custom home and have any questions on how to do


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