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    Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home

    Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home

    Whether you’re looking to renovate and update your home or build one, you might be wondering what the best new, trendy, must-have features are. In this week’s blog, we will be discussing the latest trends that we are seeing homeowners implement into their houses and why we’re seeing them so often.

    Home Automation (Smart House)

    Home Automation, aka Smart Houses, are popping up in homes recently and reasonably so! Homeowners find that having a smart house is convenient and it saves time. Home automation allows you to control electronics in your home right from your phone or desired source. Be able to control temperature, lights, security systems/cameras, and more with no hassle. With less stress, it is no wonder why homeowners are going smart! 

    High Ceilings

    In more and more custom homes today we are seeing high ceilings. This is one of those features that is instantly noticeable and brings a lot to a space. Having high ceilings gives an open feel which makes the room appear much larger than it is, while also giving the space an elegant and luxurious look. 

    Outdoor Living

    Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners are seeing the benefit and luxury of expanding their space outside. Owners have been including fire pits, kitchens, tiki bars, sitting areas, and more. But, outdoor living not only increases the size of your space. More importantly, we find that the main reason clients are deciding to customize their yards is simply because it is enjoyable to be outside and it’s another place for them to entertain. 

    Solar-Tinted Windows

    If you live in warmer states, you are familiar with how hard your AC works during the summer (or all year around if you’re in a place like South Florida). Our biggest recommendation to clients who want to find ways to be more energy efficient, or for those who wince at their electricity bill, is solar-tinted windows! They help keep the heat out on hot days while also helping heat stay in on the colder ones. On top of that, they bring a custom and unique look to a home that regular windows fail to bring.  


    Another trend that we are seeing is built-ins. From shelves, closets, or nooks, built-ins are another great way to make a home look custom while catering to your style and interests. Built-ins are also a resourceful and attractive way to store things. A lot of our clients ask about ways to increase their storage space while also looking cohesive with the rest of their house and our recommendation is built-ins! 

    Are you interested in these features or want to learn more about them? Reach out to Bartley Builder Group today and we’ll help you make your house feel more like home. 

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