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    Design Trends We Expect to see in 2023

    Design Trends We Expect to see in 2023

    Trends tend to come and go at a very rapid pace and sometimes it is difficult to keep up! This week, we are here to tell you what designs we are expecting to see in the year 2023 to get you ahead of the curve.


    Bold Colors and Textures

    Homeowners are drenching their rooms in color and texture and finally steering away from the monochrome look! We have seen the colors and textures slowly make a comeback through accent pillows and rugs. But, this year, we expect to see them make a stronger resurgence on walls and bigger furniture pieces. 


    Biophilic Design

    The word Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature. This design focuses on incorporating nature into the interior of your home to create a calming and relaxing space. This specific design is said to improve your overall wellbeing, productivity and mental health. If you are one of the many people that are coining 2023 as the year of self-care, this is perfect for you. 


    Statement Ceilings and Walls

    Everyone loves a good statement ceiling or wall and it is back and better than ever in 2023. We predict that we will see more elevated accents walls/ceilings with built-ins, such as book shelves or a bar, or even wallpaper! Wallpaper is back in style so feel free to experiment and have fun!



    After a few years of lost time and isolation, it is no surprise that designs are becoming more entertainment-focused! This means incorporating a cozy vibe that welcomes guest, as well as practical furniture that is easy to clean. Typically homeowners will focus this design on the main rooms for gathering such as the kitchen, dining room, and family room.



    If there is one thing that every design trend has in common in 2023, it’s personality! We absolutely adore that interior design is becoming more subjective and catered to personal likes and dislikes. The most important part of interior design is its ability to make your house feel like a home so do what you love and do not shy away from adding a piece of you. 

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