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    How to Choose The Best Contractor for the Job

    How to Choose The Best Contractor for the Job

    Choosing a contractor for your project can seem like a grueling and extensive task. At Bartley Builder Group, we understand that it is crucial for a client to put their trust in to a builder and, more importantly, find one who is able to execute their vision. BBG wants to help you find the best Contractor for the job so, this week, we will be sharing the most important things we think you should look out for when making such a big decision. 


    Do Research

    The first thing you should do when finding a contractor for your project, is research! Research is very important and there are many ways to do it. The most accessible way is through the internet. Google all of the local contractors in your area and take note of their website, their past work, and reviews. Another way is through word-of-mouth. If you have any friends or family who have worked with a contractor, ask them about their experience and you’ll be able to either rule out a few or compile some contenders. 


    Have a Few Options

    We recommend that clients create a list of a few noteworthy contractors after doing their research. This will be significant when it comes time for the contractors to bid. A bid in construction is the contractors opportunity to sell their services. The bid will include a scope of work, an estimate of price for labor and materials, as well as an outline for timing and a schedule. The reason this is important is so the client can compare prices and orderliness. We suggest that clients speak to 2-3 contractors before making up their mind so that they are confident in their decision. Also, keep in mind, the bidding process is a great time to get to know the contractor and confirm that they understand exactly what it is you are looking for


    Verify Credibility

    After weighing out your options, you should have a contractor that you feel is best suited for the job. Before signing any contracts, we urge clients to verify the credibility of said contractor. Verifying credibility includes requesting to see their General Contracting License and proof of insurances. If they are not certified or they are unable to obtain proof, a problem may present itself in the future where the client can be faced with faults along with the builder. To avoid complications it is best to get credibility verified right from the jump. For Florida licenses, there are websites that can help you such as the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). 


    Take Note of Communication

    Furthermore, we also suggest that clients pay attention to the contractors communication style. If communication is not consistent before the project even begins then we advise you to reconsider. Or if you have a schedule/lifestyle that requires you to communicate back-and-forth a certain way, talk to the builder and see if they are accommodating to those demands. During the project, communication will be required from all parties involved so this is particularly note-worthy. 


    Meet the Team

    Although the General Contractor is the most important, they are not the only person you need to trust and feel comfortable with. Jobs will typically have a Project Manager as well as an on-site Superintendent. If meeting the whole team can ease your worries, consult with the GC to set up a meeting!


    As stated, picking the best Contractor for your job is important but it should not be stressful. At Bartley Builder our number one goal is client satisfaction. Get in to contact with us to today if any of this was helpful or if we could help your vision become a reality.

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