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    ‘Tis The Season: 25 Steps to Building A Home

    ‘Tis The Season: 25 Steps to Building A Home

    Happy holidays everyone! It is that special time of year again, and our team at Bartley Builder Group would like to share 25 important steps to building a custom home to honor the season of giving. We know how daunting a decision to build a home can appear. But, just like the holidays, the stress and anticipation beforehand tends to be the most overwhelming part. So starting tomorrow, and continuing every day until Christmas, we will discuss the process step by step. 

    Be sure to check back to this post every day to read all about it. Who knows, once we break it all down, a custom home just might be at the top of your Christmas list next year. Bartley Builder Group wishes you a safe, fun, and stress-free building process and holiday season!

    1. Design and Planning

    On the first day of building, my Contractor said to me: “A good architect is key!

    An architect will help lay out all of the spaces in your home that you are looking for while making sure it fits on the property that you have chosen.


    2. Permitting

    On the second day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Submit the permits properly!”

    Each building department has specific rules and regulations that need to be followed for submittals. It is important to submit them properly and get them approved before construction starts!

    P.S. A quality Contractor will know the protocol!


    3. Site Work

    On the third day of building, my Contractor said to me: “We’ll get that site as clear as can be!”

    This stage clears and preps the land to prepare for the build. Hooking up gas, water, electric, and sewer is another necessity included in site work.


    4. Structure

    On the fourth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “The shape is coming together visually!”

    At this point, you will finally start to see your home! The work will officially begin and those designs will start to become a reality. Structure includes the foundation, the walls, and the roof.


    5. Windows and Doors

    On the fifth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Make a statement with your entry!”

    It’s time to start making stylistic choices! At this stage, you get to make the decision on what type of windows (preferably hurricane-proof) and what exterior doors you would like. We recommend that you have some fun and make a statement! 


    6. MEP

    On the sixth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Mechanical, electrical and plumbing are your MEPs!”

    This stage is all about hooking up and engineering the essentials for your home such as waste draining, regulating temperatures, and providing the sources to power devices. Hidden out of view within the walls and underground, MEPs are what make your home safe and habitable.


    7. Low Voltage

    On the seventh day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Cameras, sound, and TV!”

    Low Voltage refers to the wiring and cabling within your house. That means it is time to make the decision on if and where you would like cameras, TVs, sound systems, and any other smart features in your home.


    8. Insulation 

    On the eighth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “We highly recommend Icynene!”

    Insulation is what provides resistance to fluctuating temperatures which helps with the cost of heating and cooling. There are different types of insulation but, in our opinion, Icynene is the best around. Icynene is a spray foam insulation that is a part of green building and helps reduce energy up to 50% more than other insulations!


    9. Roof

    On the ninth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “It will hold Santa, the sleigh, and all the goodies!”

    It is time to lay down the roof! Some consider the roof to be the most important part of a home because of how it can affect the curb appeal. If you are looking to add to the value of your home or would like to enhance the overall look, we suggest that you put extra thought into the roof selection. 


    10. Fireplace

    On the tenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Santa’s coming down the chimney!”

    A fireplace is a design choice that is not for everyone but has the ability to bring a relaxing and cozy ambiance to a home. Besides the elegant look, the other reason homeowners include a fireplace is to have an eco-friendly method for heating and to cut energy costs in the cooler months.


    11. Interior Trim

    On the eleventh day of building, my Contractor said to me: “The final touches of carpentry!”

    Interior trim is the molding or millwork that is used to frame windows, doors, ceilings, walls and floors. Trim will help you establish a cohesive architectural style in the rooms of your home and can have a major impact on the overall appearance. This is an easy way to elevate your home and make it stand out against others.


    12. Flooring and Tile

    On the twelfth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Upgraded flooring is worth the money!”

    Flooring has to be catching as it can easily make or break your space. It serves as the foundation for your design as well as one of the very first impressions of your interior. With that in mind, we recommend that you do not steer away from upgrades on the flooring as it will always be worth it!


    13. Cabinets

    On the thirteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Save space for milk and cookies!”

    It is time to install the cabinets! When choosing cabinets, it is important to keep how much space you will need in mind. Ample storage is key for effective organization and for big families or those who like to host!


    14. Appliances

    On the fourteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Don’t forget the washing machine!”

    There is no doubt that appliances have made our lives easier, and they especially come in handy during the holidays. For instance, a double oven is perfect during the Christmas dinner chaos when the main course has to go in at the same time as the dessert.


    15. Closets

    On the fifteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Make room for a shopping spree!”

    Design and layout can greatly impact the function of your closet, so it is important to keep space and storage in mind. Built-ins can help you with that by allowing you to utilize every square foot of the closet space.


    16. Stairs

    On the sixteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Think elegantly!”

    Stairs are yet another feature that can elevate the design of your home if executed well. Luckily, because this is a custom home, they can look like whatever you want! You can go classic with a straight or L-shaped staircase or you can go all out with a modern, floating spiral staircase. The choice is yours!


    17. Architectural Details

    On the seventeenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “The details will show off the house’s beauty!”

    This is the stage where we pay extra attention to the smaller details that go into the design of your home. These details are what creates visual interest and beauty such as an interesting railing on the staircase or a coffered ceiling.


    18. Painting

    On the eighteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Leonardo da Vinci!”

    It is time for paint! Painting and color selection is such a fun stage because of the impact that it can have on both the interior and exterior of your home. Color selection is also one of the best ways to display your taste and personality!


    19. Window Coverings

    On the nineteenth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “They’re not just for privacy!”

    Window coverings are for much more than just privacy. Coverings conserve energy which is important because windows account for up to 30% of heating and cooling loss in your home. Beyond saving energy, they also provide a finished look with the various options such as curtains, blinds, or plantation shutters.


    20. Cleaning  

    On the twentieth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “This place is filthy!”

    Naturally, your home will be dusty and dirty because of the construction. But, since most of the construction indoors will be wrapping up, it is time to bring in a cleaning crew and get that place tidy and ready for you. This means that move-in day is just around the corner!


    21. Gutters

    On the twenty-first day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Catch the debris!”

    A lot of people do not give much thought to gutters. But, they do much more for your home than catch debris and rainwater. Gutters also prevent mold, mildew, and other water damage by redirecting the water to avoid your siding and foundation. 


    22. Utilities

    On the twenty-second day of building, my Contractor said to me: “It’s what everyone needs!”

    Early in the building process, we brought your necessary MEP’s to the job site. Now, it is time to bring your home to life and hook those up! That means we are putting the power in the outlets, light to the bulbs, and water running through the faucets!


    23. Outdoor Kitchen

    On the twenty-third day of building, my Contractor said to me: “Make the outdoors a place you want to be!”

    If you love hosting and you are looking for a way to bring the indoors outside, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you! Not only is it a great place to entertain, but it expands your living space and is completely customizable.


    24. Pool

    On the twenty-fourth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “A pool adds a touch of luxury!”

    With a pool in your backyard, you may not have to book those vacations after all. Pools are yet another great space to have for entertainers and is a perfect way to bring a tropical escape to your own backyard.


    25. Landscape

    On the twenty-fifth day of building, my Contractor said to me: “It’s Florida, you need a palm tree!”

    It is the last day of building and it is time to focus on the landscape! Landscape is one of the very first impressions of a finished home so it is considered to be very important. Thoughtful and elegant landscape adds to the beauty of your home while a messy, undone yard can drastically hinder the curd-appeal of even the most beautiful house designs.


    And that’s a wrap! We have taken you through the 25 most important steps to building a home. We would like to thank everyone who has tuned in, engaged, and spent their holidays with us. Bartley Builder Group wishes you and your families a happy New Year and we look forward to building you the custom home of your dreams!

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