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    Get Eco-friendlier

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    Get Eco-friendlier

    Only recently have we as a society become increasingly aware of how our daily lives are impacting nature. The negative effects of using excessive fossil fuels, disposing of huge amounts of plastic, and other human waste products are becoming alarmingly apparent. on the weather, environment, and landscapes. The impact can be seen in the changing weather patterns, global environments, animal populations, and plant life. Being conscience of our environmental footprint and changing the things in our lives can make a big difference and prevent any further damage to the planet. Here are a couple simple changes you can make to your home so it is more eco-friendly!

    Controlling Your Energy Usage

    We use A LOT of energy in our homes. Thanks to technology, better home improvement products, and access to information on controlling consumption, it is much easier these days to save the environment and money at the same time. The first big energy hog is heating and cooling your home. If you live in cooler regions you heat your home during the winter time. You can reduce your heating usage by layering your clothing or bundling up in a nice warm blanket. But if you’re a creature of comfort and turning the heat off isn’t an option, a smart thermostat is a good way to reduce usage and maintain a comfortable temp throughout the day and night.

    For the folk that live in sub-tropical or tropical environments you tend to run your air conditioner year round. Unfortunately turning off an air conditioner isn’t a choice as mold starts to grow very quickly and can become hazardous to your health. You can set your thermostat higher when you leave, power companies recommend setting it at 79-80 when you aren’t home, then lower the temp once you return home. Using fans is another way of cooling down your home effectively. All of these ways are great ways of saving precious resources and money.

    Other ways to cut down on your energy consumption are insulating your windows and doors, turning off lights and electronics when they aren’t in use are all great ways to save.

    Natural Cleaning Products

    You probably haven’t thought about how your choice of cleaning products can affect the environment. You simply use a variety of different products and when you’re finished with them, you wash them down the drain. Washing powders, dishwasher tablets, antibacterial sprays, bleach, window cleaners… the list goes on and on. But have you ever questioned where the chemicals from these products end up? Well, many will eventually wash into waterways, polluting natural environments around the world. Instead, you could significantly minimize damage by switching to natural cleaning products. If you’re feeling particularly crafty and self-sufficient, you could make your own. But if you have a little less time on your hands, there are plenty of companies out there who are starting to develop more natural and eco-friendly formulas.

    These are just two options that you can consider. There are plenty more out there! If you’re interested in making further change, conduct a little research into minimal living and maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle! There’s a whole lot of potential for good out there!

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