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    Location, Location, Location!

    We all dream of buying the perfect plot of land and building the custom home of our dreams right on top. Many believe that going this route is a guaranteed way of executing the build to their personal liking. Although that is true, there are a few...

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    Must-Have Features for Your Custom Home

    Whether you’re looking to renovate and update your home or build one, you might be wondering what the best new, trendy, must-have features are. In this week's blog, we will be discussing the latest trends that we are seeing homeowners implement into their houses and...

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    Is A Custom Home Worth It?

    Building a Custom Home can seem intimidating to a lot of people because of the challenges that come with it. However, if attainable, a custom home is worth it in the long run. At Bartley Builder Group, we specialize in custom homes and work hard...

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    Get Eco-friendlier

    Only recently have we as a society become increasingly aware of how our daily lives are impacting nature. The negative effects of using excessive fossil fuels, disposing of huge amounts of plastic, and other human waste products are becoming alarmingly apparent. on the weather, environment,...

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